Grab your swimming trunks and prepare yourself for adventures with the super-bunny, Bobby Carrot. In this arcade-style puzzle game Bobby will not only challenge your strategic skills but also get his feet wet!

Already a smash hit in Europe with a huge cult following, for the first time Bobby Carrot is now coming to the US and chances are, he will also come to a cell phone near you!

With 65 levels of challenging gameplay, "Bobby Carrot 3: Evolution" is a brain-teaser that offers fun for all ages.

...the coolest rabbit since Bugs
Costas Stephanides,

"Bobby Carrot 3: Evolution" has been showered with awards already and since the game contains no violence it is suitable for the entire family!

Following Bobby the super-bunny, the player has to collect all the energy stars on each level before advancing to the next level. This is becoming increasingly tricky, however, as traps and blockers get in Bobby's way, making for a challenging gaming experience.

...Bobby Carrot 3's biggest strength is the complexity of its levels
Simon Biedermann,

  • 65 Levels of puzzle action
  • Fun for the entire family
  • Gradually increasing level of difficulty
  • Automatic game save of unlocked levels
  • Cool animation and graphics
  • English, French, Spanish and Portuguese language
  • Highly addictive gameplay!

  • If your cellphone carrier is not offering "Bobby Carrot 3: Evolution," please make sure to give them a call and ask them to add it to their catalog. We are constantly working with carriers, so please also make sure to check back at a later date to see if your carrier has been added to the list of availabilities.

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