Collect stars, kill snakes and avoid mummies as you guide Cleopatra through the towns and tombs of ancient Egypt. Armed with only a boomerang, you'll need to keep your wits about you to complete all 16 levels of gameplay in this furious side-scrolling game.

...Cleopatra is a delightful blast from the past.
Levi Buchanan, Wireless IGN

Want to check out the game? Simple! We have prepared a playable demo for you that works right in your web browser. Just click on the image to the right and you are right in our interactive web demo.
Use the cursor keys on your keyboard to contol the game and quickly you will see what it's all about.

...breezy gameplay that anybody can pick up and enjoy.
Levi Buchanan, Wireless IGN


  • 8 Levels of fast-paced, sidescrolling action
  • 8 Hidden bonus levels
  • Increasing level of difficulty
  • Automatic game save of unlocked levels
  • Cool animation and graphics
  • English, French, Spanish and Portuguese language
  • Highly addictive gameplay!

  • If your cellphone carrier is not offering Cleopatra, please make sure to give them a call and ask them to add it to their catalog. We are constantly working with carriers, so please also make sure to check back at a later date to see if your carrier has been added to the list of availabilities.

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