Like a classic Arcade machine, Nightshift will give you countless hours of relentless gampelay on your cell phone.
The game has been designed to challenge the player with an ever increasing level of difficulty as he progresses through the 15 different levels of gameplay.

Set in a cemetery scenario, using cartoon style graphics, the player takes on the part of a gravedigger who has to put up with undead creatures which just won't stay down.


Nightshift is an exiting platform game in which the player will have to dig holes in order to capture the undead enemies that are also roaming around the stunning and fascinating game level.
After capturing one of those evil monsters in a hole, the player has to fill the hole all back in, in order to permanently bury the undead enemies. Once the entire level is cleared, the level is completed and you will advance to an even more challenging one.
Depending on the level of each monster, they will have to fall through one, two or even three holes that are stacked upon each other in the platforms in order to vanish from screen.

  • Console-style platform game
  • 15 different levels
  • Easy to control
  • Increasing difficulty level
  • 3 different monsters
  • Highscore function
  • Addictive gameplay
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