Get ready for some heart-pounding action in this commando-style infiltration game based on the SAS, the British "Special Air Service," a commando squad comparable to the American Marines.

With 12 levels of gameplay, 93 mission objectives that include spying, sabotage, air strikes, artillery and more. Take on troopers, tanks and turrets as you battle your way into the heart of the enemy base in this action shooter that offers more animation, more action and smoother gameplay than anything you may have played on your cell phone before.

"SAS: Commando" is using a revamped version of the action game engine we first introduced with "Cleopatra" allowing for more furious action, more animation, more sprites and smoother game play even on lower-end phones. Full 8-way scrolling gives you the look and feel of a real Arcade machine as you try to fire your way through enemy territory.

Get ready for some heart-pounding missions that take you deep into enemy territory, alone, without backup and possibly without a chance to come out alive.


  • 12 Levels of fast-paced, 8-way scrolling action
  • 93 mission objectives
  • A multitude of enemies
  • Gradually increasing level of difficulty
  • Automatic game save of unlocked levels
  • Cool animation and graphics
  • English and Spanish language
  • Highly addictive gameplay!

  • If your cellphone carrier is not offering "SAS: Commando," please make sure to give them a call and ask them to add it to their catalog. We are constantly working with carriers, so please also make sure to check back at a later date to see if your carrier has been added to the list of availabilities.

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