Black Jack Pro offers unique features that set it apart from similarly themed games, such as fully animated graphics, different game styles and rules, as well as an extensive tutor. It captures real-life casino playing styles and allows players to select from Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Downtown, Reno and Atlantic City rules.

Black Jack Pro contains a tutor to help players understand basic winning strategies for Black Jack games. It will teach the player to make the right decisions, when to Hit, when to Stand and when to Double-up.

Card counting can give you a significant boost over the house, especially in Black Jack, and learning how to successfully count cards has never been easier! Black Jack Pro introduces a simple system that anyone can learn, teaching players to keep track of the odds and adjusting their betting and playing style accordingly.

Learn how to count cards at your own pace before putting their skill to the test at the real tables. Don't let the casinos get the better of you! Become a better Black Jack player now and beat the house!