"Great graphics and effective random card play make this game a pleasure to own."

"...this game provides a substantive portion of the overall poker experience and it sure is cheaper than a drive to Las Vegas."

Score: 10 (out of 10)

Panagiotis Tsamoudakis, November 2002 - Pocket PC Minds

"G3 Studio's Video Poker is a wonderfully crafted game."

Score: 8 Stars (out of 10)

Tim Wilton, November 2002 - Googol.net

"The game is so super to navigate and play that you don't need any instruction to play whatsoever. It works just like you think it should bottom line."

"If you like poker this is the game for you."

Score: 4.5 Stars (out of 5)

Michael K, October 2002 - PDArcade.com

"Video Poker Pro is the best title of its kind for the Pocket PC at the present time!"

"...this is a product as good as Pocket PC products get."

Frederic Beaufrere, November 2002 - Pocket PC Paradise

""A truly great adaptation for the Pocket PC."

David Kaiser, November 2002 - Pocketland.de

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